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Blacksmith Hand Forged Cocktails! Add new products to offer your customers upon their return this year.

Don’t currently serve cocktails?

Why not add a range to your drink’s menu? With a bottom-line busting GM of 72% across the range, bring in new customers and increase revenue.

What is so special about the Blacksmith Cocktails?

All our cocktails are forged by hand and bottled on site in the heart of Derby at our award-winning Cocktail Bar. Save time and money on developing new cocktails with our proven premade cocktails. All our cocktails are unique to us and unlike any other range, stand out from the crowd with a Blacksmiths Range.

We do not have time to serve cocktails…

Our premade cocktails ready from bottle to glass in less than a minute and easy to serve… our premade cocktails will help you increase turnover, improve profits, reduce waste, and have amazing consistent tasting cocktails every time.

Who can serve the cocktails?

All of your bar staff will be able to. Minimal direction will be needed to get up to speed on cocktail service, it’s as easy as... Measure, Shake, Pour & Garnish.

Personalise the Cocktails…

Why not rename each cocktail to suit your venue, pimp up the garnish to increase social media posts and traffic to your socials! We can help with rebranding/naming.

What do I need?

A cocktail shaker, pour and store bottle and suitable glassware… That is it!


Prices start from as little as £1.67+ per cocktail serving. Get in touch with us to get a sample and to book a demonstration.


Get in touch with us to see how we can help. / Marc 07825 951197